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Founded in Aug 2017, Guac is an award-winning travel publication run by an interdisciplinary group of students at Cornell University.

Guac's Journey

Aug 2017
"Let's start a travel magazine"

The headline news story was of President Trump's travel ban on predominantly Muslim nations. As international students, we wanted to value of diversity to be appreciated and known. This is why we started a travel magazine. To celebrate the beauty of the world and inspire people to go out and experience different cultures for themselves.

Nov 2017
Hidden Gems, Our First Issue

For our first issue, we wanted to truly show the different level of diversity the world has to offer. This is why we chose the theme Hidden Gems. Written by friends who traveled to various interesting places, this issue exposures some of the world's best kept secrets that is often overlooked by travelers.

Jan 2018
40 Students, 14 Countries

After a semester, we grew into a publication of 40 students from 14 countries, representing 5 different continents. This is only the start, we are only getting bigger and more diverse!

March 2018
Perkins Prize

Only after 8 months, Guac Magazine was awarded an honorary mention for The James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial & Intercultural Peace & Harmony. We believe we are the youngest club at Cornell to have ever been awarded with this honor.

More than a magazine

We are embarking on a new and exciting journey to expand our impact beyond delivering high quality print magazines. We are creating a growing community where diverse voices can be heard and barriers will be broken.

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